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# of Chapters: 5 + 4 Endings!!! – played on: Andriod/Goggle play $3.99

Nao Fujimori : Sequel
I picked these based on my own reactions and thoughts.

  • Looking forward to it!
  • That makes me so happy!
  • Just take a peek.*
  • Help him.
  • Stay In **ATTEMPT 1**
  • Joke, It’s practice for the future!
  • Carry the light ones.
  • Get halfway under
  • Agree
  • I’m Hungry.
  • *CG*



I will do another one tomorrow!

Review:  This is split up. As I am JUST playing this, I am not sure how it works but I see Chp 1, Chp 2, Nice Chp 3, Nice Chp 4, SuperHappy/Happy Endings. Naughty Chp 3, Naughty Chp 4, SuperHappy/Happy Endings.

Some Spoilers & CGs Ahead!
I try and add this warning just incase you just want the walk through.

Awe, it is your 6 month anniversary. I forgot what it was like to be in highschool I guess! Those things are really sweet, even if silly and simple!<3 Nao is really excited about it too, but I maybe don’t get why the MC is so narrow minded on it?

You over hear Nao with his friends, admitting he doesn’t have any idea yet. When Good o’Takumi offers and idea…. does Nao take it?

I got to the first “point” but not sure which SL this is going yet. Poor MC, not sure whats going on or what to do. But I decided they would stay in for the weekend instead of the Couples trip!

Nao is honestly so cute, even if he is a little needy. So I can never stay mad at him long. The MC on the other hand seems to fall less for his cute moments than I do! Until he gets right back into Mr. Hormones…

Way to ruin the Anniversary dinner! But the MC has had enough.

We knew this was coming, a fight. It was in the preview image… so Not too much of a shock!  But what does come as a shock, in the middle of your fight you get a call that Nat has gone missing! After checking the cram school, you and Nao start to wonder if some creeper might  have her! But, it seems WE may be the creepers! /GASP!

Awwwwwe holy cuteness….. ❤ There is a moment when you are going back that Nao just keeps opening and shutting his mouth. I started to wonder, as this goes on and on with his hand on the door before we go inside.. did he forget his keys?! But instead *I* chose to play it all off and make a lil joke. Really wanting this to go to a happy ending~

One of the emails:

How are you feeling? I hope you’re at least a little bit better…

But yeah, our anniversary day was kind of crazy, wasn’t it? That huge fight, and then the thing with Natsumi!… But I got to cook dinner with you, and even take care of you a little, which felt really… nice and domestic. Plus, the food was ☆DELICIOUS☆! We definitely need to do that again sometime!

And you still look totally cute, even in bed with a cold! XD

I want you to know that I really love you, Chii, and yesterday just confirmed how precious you are to me.

It’s a little embarrassing, but when we were holding hands on the road, after that big fight… I was so nervous. My heart was racing like it was our first date… and I want to hold onto that feeling. I want to hold onto it, and stay together. I want to be with you forever!

…Anyway, remember to stay warm and rest today!


Suggestion: Wait for sale. Ummm I liked the Main story better. This only had one pic for the whole sequel. I would  have been okay for one pic for an Epi, but not a sequel. Maybe I will get another pic tomorrow for another choice? I will let you know!